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2020 Top Wedding Colour Trends


New for 2020, this super light colour has seen a rise in popularity over the later half of 2019, and is sure to feature regularly in 2020.


A great colour for finding accessories to complete the look, ice blue (or sky blue to some) creates a gentle ambience that works perfectly with a calm and cool wedding, and is particularly good for outdoor weddings where the natural light can reflect off the colour.

2. Coral pink

Coral was a huge colour trend around 2015 and 2016, but swayed more towards the orange tone. This time, coral is leaning more towards pink, creating a warm tone that brightens up your wedding.


Mixing coral pink with close shades will form an ombre style look throughout your wedding, which allows you to include lighter and darker shades, depending on which one you prefer.

3. Light Purple

Purple has been appearing for the past few years in various shades, from dark plum tones emerging as a rich colour trend in 2017 to Pantone’s Ultraviolet being selected as 2018’s Colour of the Year.


Known under multiple colour names, including Dusk, Dusty Purple, Mist and Light Mauve, it’s the lighter shades of purple that will emerge victorious in 2020. Many of the shades you’ll see through the year will mix elements of grey and purple to create a delicate whimsical colour.

4. Teal Green

This jewel tone is back! Available in a number of shades, this general teal green colour has had a few years off the “top wedding colour” lists, but is now ready for its comeback.


This rich green colour exudes a sense of luxury, and works brilliantly with both gold and silver tones to accessorise and contrast with the green. Some shades may reflect a blue undertone, while others will bring through more of the green, giving you some flexibility for colour. 

5. Blush Pink

This beautiful colour shows no sign of going away, and will continue to play a centre-stage role in 2020 weddings around the world. Timeless and traditional, this romantic colour offers versatility across the wedding industry, making the purchase of flowers, decorations and bridesmaids dresses very easy.


Blush pink tones are also great to accessorise with the groom, groomsmen and best man’s outfits, with ties, bow ties, boutonnieres and pocket squares available to complete the look.

6. Dusty Blue

Darker than the super light ice blue we spoke about earlier, dusty blue tones create a slightly warmer effect for weddings, and blend well with navy blue suits (if that’s the preferred colour of suits for grooms and groomsmen).


Dusty blue colours have been trendy for the last two years, so you’ll have plenty of choice to complete the look for you big day.

7. Green & White

Following on from the boho styles that have been trendy thought the 2010s, this natural colour combination continues as another popular colour trend for 2020.


Especially popular when creating a woodland outdoor vibe, such as forestry or eucalyptus, this gentle colour scheme is the perfect way to create a romantic natural atmosphere. 

8. Vibrant Yellow

Mustard and gold yellow tones have been brewing away in the background for a few years now, but the brighter shade of yellow is now stepping forward for its moment to shine.


Saffron gold and dark yellow have connoted elegance, wealth and prosperity for centuries, and these colour still inspire a very luxurious feel for your wedding, incorporating lots of elements to create a show stopping look. 

9. Sage Green

Aww, sage green, we meet again. This beautiful colour has risen through the ranks from subtle choice to top pick since 2015, and doesn’t show any signs of leaving in 2020.


Now available throughout most wedding elements, sage green creates a stunning earthy feel to the day, a fantastic way of giving a humble, natural and effortless atmosphere to the day.

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