5 Wedding Colour Trends That Are HUGE For 2020

5 Wedding Colour Trends That Are HUGE For 2020

We haven’t just made this list based on what we think, we’ve put it together based on what we know. As a retailer in the industry, we can see exactly what colours and tones are popular for weddings in 2019 and 2020.


This colour has been booming on Mrs Bow Tie. Almost every day, we are receiving orders for sage green products for weddings around the world. This natural muted tone has grown to a top-seller within the last 18 months, and we have increased our range of designs in this colour to reflect this. 

Classic in Sage Green Pocket Square
£ 0.00£ 14.99
Chinoiserie Sage Green Bow Tie
£ 0.00£ 21.99


Whether you call it pale pink, soft pink, pastel pink or blush pink, this light tone has shown no sign of slowing down in popularity. Perfect for finding a range of things to complement your colour scheme. 

Heybrook in Pink Tie
£ 32.99
Isaac Pale Pink Bow Tie
£ 28.00£ 16.99
Lang in Dusty Pink Pocket Square
£ 0.00£ 14.99

Dusk and Silver Lavender

A beautiful light shade that blends grey and purple, this muted tone has become a big hit throughout 2019. We’ve increased our range of designs in this colour to keep up with demand, and you can be sure this tone will continue through to 2020. 

Dusk (Custom Colour)
£ 26.00
Arya in Silver Lavender Pocket Square
£ 0.00£ 14.99

Navy Blue

A timeless shade that never goes out of fashion, this safe but sophisticated colour has always featured in wedding colour trend lists. Just as popular as ever, navy blue weddings continue to stand strong in the wedding industry.

Eucalyptus in Navy Tie
£ 32.99
Persha Navy Blue Bow Tie
£ 21.99
Broxton in French Navy Braces
£ 0.00£ 25.00


Every few years, silver tones rise to prominence in the wedding industry, before calming down preparing for its next comeback. With the dominance of copper between 2014 and 2017, silver has emerged as the new metallic colour of choice for 2019/2020 weddings.

Silver Velvet Bow Tie
£ 0.00£ 24.99
Blake in Platinum Tie
£ 32.99
Corrigan in Platinum Pocket Square
£ 0.00£ 14.99


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