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Get the James Bond Look

James Bond: SPECTRE is finally here, so it's time to put those comfy clothes to one side and dress to impress!

An international symbol of style, sophistication and sexiness, James Bond is back - and so are his trends! But getting the look right can be difficult for some, and to others, it appears to be simple and easy. But is it? 

We're here to guide you on how to get the stunning James Bond look! We'll tell you the Do's and Don'ts to getting the most perfectly fitted suit.

Stage One: The Shirt

James Bond keeps it simple and classic; no stripes, no spots, no patterns. This isn't to say that wearing any of those is a bad thing, quite the opposite, but if you want to imitate Bond's look, keep it simple; light blue, or white.

Now for the fit of the shirt, which most men get wrong. It's often joked that women have so many different sizes but all men seem to fit into a Medium. That isn't a compliment when you consider all the different shapes and sizes men come in too. 

From my years in retail and as a stylist, I have witnessed that most men tend to buy everything one size too big - even their wives and mothers insisted they were one size bigger than I said they were. The result? Badly fitted clothing that was unflattering and far from stylish.

Here you'll find how to know if your shirt is the perfect fit: 

Stage Two: The Suit

More so than the shirt, a lot of men don't know exactly how a suit should fit. There are a lot of conflicting "rules", but ask any tailor and they'll all tell you exactly how a suit should fit.

Here's a quick guide on what to look out for:

Stage Three: The Accessories

James Bond wouldn't be as stylish if it wasn't for his incredible collection of accessories. From bow ties to cufflinks, Bond has every little detail perfected for his look.

The Must-Haves

The Bow Ties 
Bond is always rocking a bow tie whenever dressed up and looking sharp. Keep it simple and classic with plain dark colours, but it doesn't always have to be black. If you want the iconic black bow tie, try our Classic in Black or Velvet, if you want something richer, try our Velvet in Wine (all pictured below)

The Ties
When it comes to Bond's tie collection, Daniel Craig's Bond has a particular fondness for shades of blue, while Roger Moore's Bond loves to rock classic stripes. Here are three ties from Mrs Bow Tie that are perfect for the Bond look: Faux Silk in Copen Blue tie, Cotton in Blueberry, Faux Silk in Dove Grey (all pictured below)

The Watches 
James Bond might be all about his gadgets, but an Apple Watch he won't be rocking. Instead, go for luxury, class and sophistication that won't age for years to come. 
Omega launched the official James Bond watches, which you can see below.


The Shoes 
Battered old trainers you won't find of Bond's feet! Oxfords and Derby's are the shoes of choice for 007. 
Crockett & Jones were the official shoe supplies for Spectre, and these are some of the stunning shoes you should be wearing to complete your Bond look.

There you have it; all the advice and guidance you need to get the perfect James Bond look.

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