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Mrs Bow Tie's Christmas 2015 Gift Guide!

Christmas 2015 is almost upon us, and Christmas shopping is under way. So what do you buy the men in your life that are typically difficult to shop for? Mrs Bow Tie, of course!

Ties, bow ties and pocket squares are the perfect presents and stylish stocking fillers. But with hundreds of products on our website, it's hard to decide what to pick. Well we're here to tell you which of our products are perfect for getting someone for Christmas.

1. The Austen Gift Set

A whole new range of gift sets have been introduced to Mrs Bow Tie this Christmas, and they are the perfect Christmas gift for Mrs Bow Tie fans and well-dressed individuals who appreciate handmade British craftsmanship.

The Austen Gift Set features some of our most classic pieces, designed to provide men with sophisticated style a collection of our most dapper prints and fabrics.

Shop here: The Austen Gift Set 

2. Buckingham in Black bow tie

(Recommended by Sian, Customer Services)

This popular design is wonderful for Christmas, where the traditional black is given a stylish addition with the use of a subtle paisley pattern. Sian in Customer Services recommended this item, saying: "I love Buckingham in Black! It's classic but with a twist. It's something you maybe not necessarily buy for yourself but is such a lovely piece to give to someone for Christmas".

Shop here: Buckingham in Black bow tie

3. Cambridge Duo

If there's one Duo that is a must-have for Christmas, it's the Cambridge Duo. This double-sided self tie allows you to tie the bow tie in a variety of combinations in two classic and stylish patterns. The dark paisley is perfect for colder months and provides festive golds, while the cranberry dots pattern brightens it all up for the warmer seasons.

Shop here: Cambridge Duo


4. Velvet in Ruby Red bow tie

(Recommended by Gemma, General Manager)
Our Velvet bow ties are among our most popular as they deliver the elegance and class desired for black tie events and occasions of style. 

Our General Manager, Gemma, recommended this item, saying: "It's perfect for Christmas, but can be worn to various occasions at any time of year. It's festive, but more importantly, it's timeless."

Shop here: Velvet in Ruby Red

5. Tartan in Stewart Dress bow tie 

(Recommended by Christopher, Marketing Executive)
Tartan is a must-have around Christmas time, as you may notice when looking at clothes this time of year, which makes it a superb present idea. 
Marketing Executive, Christopher, said: "The bonus with tartan is that it's festive but isn't exclusive to Christmas so it can be worn all-year round, particularly Tartan in Stewart Dress which is light enough to wear in Spring and Summer".

Shop here: Tartan in Stewart Dress bow tie

6. The Highclere Gift Set

Without any hesitation we can say that The Highclere Gift Set will be a best seller this Christmas. This awesome pocket square gift set allows any man to add a classic and interesting pocket square to his jacket or blazer, regardless of whether he is wearing a tie or bow tie. 

Shop here: The Highclere Gift Set

7. Cotton in Everglade tie

Some might say a plain tie isn't interesting enough for a Christmas present, but when presented in one our beautiful presentation boxes, plain ties such as the Cotton in Everglade look wonderful. Plus, it's hand-sewn in England. You can't get much better than that.

Shop here: Cotton in Everglade tie

8. Baxter in Blue bow tie

(Recommended by Sally, Designer)
The texture bow ties are perfect for the cold months, adding a warm layered look to your outfit without actually creating another layer. 
Sally, one of our designers, recommended Baxter in Blue, saying: "I love the Tweed-like products, such as Baxter in Blue. They're great for Winter, but they also look amazing when worn to summer parties later in the year."

Shop here: Baxter in Blue bow tie

9. Meadow in Plum tie

We've mentioned a number of products that can be Christmassy but worn all year round, but of course, the present doesn't need to be something they can wear immediately, or that links to festive period. You could choose a product that is perfect for the next season, such as a vibrant floral tie like Meadow in Plum, made of a print from the prestigious Liberty Fabrics.

Shop here: Meadow in Plum tie

10. Lochinver in Purple bow tie

One our newest designs, the Lochinver in Purple bow tie is a great combination of colours that brightens up a dark or plain outfit and adds texture and character in a subtle and stylish way.

Shop here: Lochinver in Purple bow tie

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