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Mrs Bow Tie Top 30 Wedding Blogs 2016!

To coincide with the re-launch of our Wedding Collection, we've compiled a list of the very best wedding blogs out there! Welcome to the Mrs Bow Tie Top 30 Wedding Blogs 2016, the first annual list of wedding blogs from around the world brought to you and recommended by Mrs Bow Tie.

As a formal accessories brand, we hear from wedding planners and bride and grooms-to-be on a daily basis, seeking the latest trends, style advice and top quality hand-made groomswear. While we can and will give that advice, there are so many other factors to a wedding that people want help with - and these websites are perfect for that advice!

Having featured on numerous wedding blogs and magazines, and playing a role in Big Days all over the world, we want to recognise the top wedding blogs out there! After scouring the internet and looking at countless blogs of all styles and scales, we have whittled down the Top 30 (in no particular order)...

30. The English Wedding Blog | (

The English Wedding Blog is dedicated to showcasing creative weddings across the British Isles, providing ideas and real weddings to inspire upcoming brides across the nation and overseas brides who want an English wedding.

29. Style Me Pretty | (

A leading force in the wedding blog industry, Style Me Pretty is regularly commended for its sophistication and style for the modern bride. Founded by Abby Larson, who says she has "the best job in the world", Style Me Pretty is a must-see blog for upcoming brides.

28. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings | (

We love Whimsical Wonderland Weddings (aka WWW) for so many reasons, least because we have been featured on their wonderful website numerous times. WWW is the perfect blog for brides and grooms who want to find quirky but stylish ideas for their big day, as well as stunning classic inspiration!

27. INSPIRE | (

INSPIRE is leading the Irish wedding blogs into a new era of style and sophistication as it brings inspiration from Ireland to the wider world and ideas from the world to Irish brides and grooms.

26. A Practical Wedding | (

Unique to this list, A Practical Wedding is a blog that actively rejects the pressure to have a traditional wedding with all the trimmings. A space that promotes individuality and thinking outside the box, A Practical Wedding is the perfect blog for those brides and grooms wanting something different.

25. One Fab Day | (

One Fab Day is one great blog! This leading wedding blog started as a hobby but now boasts 350,000 visitors a month and a team of nine staff! Full of information on the latest trends and coolest ideas, One Fab Day gives you everything you need for planning your wedding.

24. Rustic Wedding Chic | (

Launched in May 2008 by Maggie Lord, Rustic Wedding Chic directs brides towards amazing suppliers, while inspiring readers with a display of beautiful wedding photography. This fabulous blog is bursting with ideas and inspiration for all brides.

23. Rock n Roll Bride | (

If wedding blogs were at school together, Rock n Roll Bride would be the rebel who didn't flow with the crowd. Stemming away from tradition, Rock n Roll Bride brings you creativity and quirkiness for brides and grooms who like to think out the box.

22. Want That Wedding | (

We love the name of this blog, as it says exactly what many brides think when they see the stunning weddings displayed on Want That Wedding. Bursting with elegance, this blog is a great destination for vintage weddings!

21. Artfully Wed | (

Artfully Wed calls itself "the blog for the style-conscious bride", and it certainly is. This stunning blog features top vendors alongside gorgeous wedding shots, so if you're unsure about how your wedding should look, head to Artfully Wed!

20. Love My Dress | (

Love My Dress is a familiar name to Mrs Bow Tie after featuring on the website a number of times. But if you're unfamiliar with the blog, you're missing out! The editorial on Love My Dress, accompanied by stunning photography, is unlike any other wedding blog and adds a high-end feel.

19. Bridal Musings | (

Founded by Elizabeth Muhmood Kane, a Londoner and self-confessed Pinterest addict, Bridal Musings is a beautiful wedding blog that brings you interviews and photography from right across the industry. Offering you inspiration for dresses, themes, and even music, Bridal Musings is a great place to build up your scrapbook with ideas.

18. Boho Weddings | (

Boho Weddings does what it says on the time - brings you the best boho weddings and ideas to create your won. If you love the idea of getting hitched in a forest, partying in a teepee and having a wedding everyone is fascinated with, Boho Weddings is the place for you.

17. Brides Up North | (

This list features a number of blogs that focus on weddings on their home turf, but none quite like Brides Up North. Showcasing weddings in the North of England and Wales, and all of Scotland, this blog dedicates its attention to supporting local vendors and suppliers instead of the far corners of the globe. We love it, and so will you!

16. Equally Wed | (

The only blog on the list to aim specifically at same-sex weddings, Equally Wedis the world's leading blog for this audience. It's a cause for celebration for every couple, but as more countries join the 21st Century and make same-sex marriage legal, gay couples are getting hitched in the most beautiful and wonderful way. If you're one of them, head to Equally Wed for some amazing ideas!

15. Ruffled | (

With its beautiful wedding features, Ruffled is a regular on 'Best Wedding Blog' lists. Providing readers with real weddings, wonderful suppliers and even an option to buy and sell ("recycle") wedding gear, Ruffled is an epic wedding blog!

14. London Bride | (

Founded by Charley Beard in 2009, London Bride was among the first British wedding blogs. Six years later, it's leading the way with their stunning site - one of the cleanest and easiest you'll find out there. If you need inspiration or information, London Bride is packed with both!

13. So You're Getting Married | (


Real weddings, bridal runways, honeymoon guides and even gift guides; So You're Getting Married covers absolutely everything! If you want a one-stop blog that gives you plenty to look at across all areas of your wedding, SYGM is that very place.

12. Polka Dot Bride | (


Waving the flag for Australia in this list, Polka Dot Bride is a beautiful blog that features tons of real weddings for you to look at for inspiration and ideas. Their Wedding Directory is a wonderful guide to wedding suppliers in Australia and New Zealand, plus they are the only blog we've found that has a Job Board for the wedding industry! How awesome!

11. Green Wedding Shoes | (


Green Wedding Shoes is one of the greats leading the wedding blog industry. With an amazing reputation, Green Wedding Shoes is praised by all areas of the industry for its wonderful features and attention to detail. With its very own romance story, Green Wedding Shoes is a must-visit for all brides.

10. B.LOVED | (


We're very proud to say we've featured on B.LOVED a number of times. This wonderful blog looks fresh and stylish, making it easy to use for the information you want and need. From Gift Guides for every occasion to Style Guides for every theme, B.LOVED has it covered!

9. Fab You Bliss | (


Since its debut in 2011, Fab You Bliss has shot up the ranks of leading wedding blogs with its wonderful wedding photography and inspiring ideas. Founded by Stephanie Saul, who comes from a photography background, this website is the perfect place to get "look book" inspiration.

8. Wedding Chicks | (


Wedding Chicks is a spectacular blog featuring amazing wedding content. Regarded as one of the best wedding blogs on the Internet, Wedding Chicksare regularly featured in "Top Wedding Blog" lists and pull in readers from all over the world. They're definitely one to check out!

7. Festival Brides | (


The creation of Laura and Kelly, friends who were frustrated by the wedding "conveyor belt", Festival Brides fills a big gap in the market for fun and interesting weddings. The "festival wedding" theme is huge at the moment, with people moving away from the pageantry of traditional weddings and wanting a fun and relaxed occasion instead, so if you're wanting the same you have to check out Festival Brides !

6. The Perfect Palette | (


If you're sick of looking through wedding blogs and magazines with beautiful ideas but all the wrong colour, The Perfect Palette is where you need to be! This blog not only gives you wonderful weddings, but groups things into colours so that you don't have to scroll through tons of the wrong stuff.

5. Rock My Wedding | (


Ah, we love a bit of Rock My Wedding! Not only because we've been featured on there so many times, but because it's just bloody brilliant, to be honest! Fabulous real weddings and so much inspiration you could overdose on weddingmania, RMW is beautiful and effective.

4. Bespoke Bride | (


Hands down the most original looking wedding blog out there, Bespoke Brideis vibrant and cool while remaining stylish and trendy. Moving away from the same look most wedding outlets have, Bespoke Brides brings you arguably the best Big Day blogs out there for weddings that aren't all prim and proper.

3. Well Groomed Groom | (

There are so many wedding blogs, but very few focus on the groom. Those that do seem to be general bloke websites and not specifically about preparing for a wedding. Then there is Well Groomed Groom, a blog that not only caters for the guys, but does so in style! This site gives you all the greatness of other leading wedding blogs, but fills that big gap in the market for the gentlemen.

2. Intimate Weddings | (


Wedding blogs are perfect for getting ideas on how to "wow" your many guests and go big on a budget, but what if you just want something small and sweet?Intimate Weddings have that covered! Packed with inspiration for weddings with less than 75 guests, this blog shows you how your wedding can be spectacular without it being a huge affair.

1. Chic Vintage Brides | (


People are bringing back the elegance and beauty from weddings of the past, so it's no surprise that all things vintage are back in fashion, particularly in the wedding industry. But while many wedding blogs cater for the mass-market,Chic Vintage Brides provides you with all the information and inspiration you need to add some of the past into your start of your future.

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