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10 Must-Haves for Geeks and Nerds!

Whether you're a self-confessed geek or you're buying for someone who can't avoid being a nerd, we have some awesome products for just those people!

10. The Doctor Who Nerd

Among our range of Doctor Who™ tribute products, the 50th Anniversary bow tie is our most popular. Whovians around the world have been rocking this bow tie as they pay tribute to the show they love.

Shop here: 50th Anniversary - Dr Who Tribute 

9. The Band Geek

Bow ties are a prominent feature throughout the music industry, whether it's a must-have at the opera, or accessorising an a cappella group. (The Concerto bow tie is available in black, red, gold and white)

Shop here: Concerto in Black

8. The Gamer Geek

One of our most popular bow ties, Game Controller in Grey is the perfect way for gamers to personalise their outfit with something they love.

Shop here: Game Controller in Grey



7. The Star Wars Nerd

With the relaunch of the Star Wars™ movie franchise, followers of the Galaxy are keen to show their love with quirky but stylish accessories.

Shop here: Robot Companions Tie

6. The Trendy Nerd 

Geeks and nerds are no longer just the uncool kids at school. With the boom of techies and coders, nerds have become cool.

Shop here: Specs & Bows in White

5. The Batman Geek

Batman® is rising again with the upcoming film Batman vs Superman being released in 2016. How better to pledge your allegiance with The Dark Knight than with this Batman-inspired tie.

Shop here: Pixel Bats in Yellow Tie

4. The Stamp Collecting Geek

Stamp collecting is one of the world's most popular hobbies, with an estimated 60 million active collectors around the world. So what do you get someone who enjoys this 175 year old hobby? Our World Stamps bow tie, of course!

Shop here: World Stamps

3. The Train-Spotting Nerd

Train Spotting is a past time people either love or hate. Those who love it are loyal and avid fans, so why not get them this Steam Train bow tie for their fellow rainfans, gricers and anoraks to marvel at?

Shop here: Steam Trains

2. The Space Nerd

From our range of space-themed products, Purple Nebula is our best seller! This galactic design is nerdy but stylish, and a great conversation piece!

Shop here: Purple Nebula

1. The Retro Geek

Cube in Multi was an instant hit and shows no sign of slowing down. Inspired by the 1980's phenomenon the Rubik's Cube, this retro bow tie is loved by many, including The Walking Dead actor, Major Dodson, who wore the bow tie to the Season Six premiere.

Shop here: Cube in Multi

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