Britons spend £1.8 billion attending weddings in 2016!

It has been revealed that British wedding guests spend a whopping £1.8 BILLION on attending weddings a year!

New research conducted by Travelodge has revealed that, on average, Britons are attending two weddings this year at a cost of £407.82 each.

I imagine you're now asking yourself how this figure is so high. Well, the real cost of being a wedding guest includes: a wedding gift, a new outfit, beauty treatments, accommodation and miscellaneous costs such as drinks at the reception.

This year nearly half (45%) of Britons are attending on average two weddings, costing them £815.64 – which is the cost of a good holiday or a whole new wardrobe.

In total this represents a total spend of £1.8 billion by wedding invitee’s across Britain.

Broken down, this expenditure includes a wedding gift (£47.33), fancy new outfit (£71.60), beauty treatments (£55.00), accommodation & transport (£164.00) and miscellaneous costs such as drinks at the reception (£70.00) totalling £407.83.

Travelodge's survey, which asked 2,000 British adults how much they spend to be a wedding guest after experiencing a spike in wedding group room bookings, revealed that a quarter of Britons (25%) are declining wedding invitations because they cannot afford the cost of being a guest and 61% of Britons reported that there is too much pressure and high expectations from couples in regards to attending their wedding nowadays.

A quarter of adults stated weddings have become events where friends are trying to outdo each other in regards to purchasing the most expensive wedding gift and wearing expensive designer clothing, and 30% reported that they spend more on attending a wedding than on a short break.

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