Polyester Floral Bow Ties

McQuiston Soft Green Bow Tie
Eucalyptus in Yellow Bow Tie
Eucalyptus Green & White Bow Tie
Nostell White & Blue Bow Tie
Havana Navy Blue Bow Tie
Mottistone Pale Turquoise & Pink Bow Tie
Camilla Floral Maroon Bow Tie
Downton in White Bow Tie
Kyoto in Dark Grey Bow Tie
Aberdeen Mustard Gold Bow Tie
Rowney Soft Yellow Bow Tie
Flower Stems in White Bow Tie
Aberdeen Copper Bow Tie
Cherry Blossom in Peach Bow Tie
Camilla Floral Platinum Bow Tie
Chintz in Lemon Bow Tie
Fairford in Emerald Sea Bow Tie
Camilla Floral Navy Blue Bow Tie
Fincham Pink Rose Bow Tie
Chinoiserie Sage Green Bow Tie
Rowney in Light Peach Bow Tie
Dahlia in Deep Red Bow Tie
Aberdeen Dusky Mauve Bow Tie
Aberdeen Platinum Bow Tie
Botanical bow ties are a must-have for spring and summer, but perfect all year round for adding character to a classic simple outfit. Whether they’re in soft pastel shades or stronger vibrant colours, botanicals look sophisticated, stylish and artistic. Bringing a fresh addition of colour to your outfit, botanical bow ties are the ultimate tie for the summer months.