Tie Burgundy Ties

Hatfield in Burgundy Tie
Montgomery in Burgundy Tie

Montgomery in Burgundy Tie

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Ellington Burgundy Paisley Tie

Ellington Burgundy Paisley Tie

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Dylan Cotton Wine Tie
Pin Dots in Burgundy Tie
Satin in Wine Tie
Southgate in Red & Navy Tie
Oxwich in Maroon Tie
Classic Plain Carmine Tie
Classic in Maroon Tie
Doddlington in Navy Blue Tie

Doddlington in Navy Blue Tie

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Malfoy in Red Tie
Chiswick in Burgundy Tie
Polka Hearts in Maroon Tie
Mountbatten in Burgundy Tie
Stags in Burgundy Tie
Newlyn in Burgundy Tie
Camilla Floral Maroon Tie
Abbotts Floral Maroon Tie
Classic Plain Burgundy Tie
Bravo in Burgundy & Navy Blue Tie
Ramillies in Burgundy Tie
10th Doctor (Smith & Jones) Tie
Aberglasney Burgundy Paisley Tie
One of the most popular colours in recent years, burgundy ties are a stylish choice to add a sophisticated splash of colour to your attire. An understated shade that uses a blend of dark red and brown, a burgundy tie is a classic way to update your suit. Choose from simple designs or intricately patterned ties depending on your personal taste. From subtle patterns such as pin dots, to paisley prints, a burgundy tie can guarantee a smart, put-together ensemble.