Tie Burgundy Ties

Dark Red Wool Point Knitted Tie
Burgundy Red Grecian Pattern Tie
Maroon Classic Medallion Tie
Plain Solid Bordeaux Red Tie
Black Floral Dahlia Outline Print Tie
Burgundy & Navy Thick Stripe Tie
Cross Pattern Red Traditional Tie
Regal Red Crown Print Tie
Burgundy White Flec Point Knitted Tie
Burgundy Red Cat Print Tie
Bordeaux Red Floral Wedding Tie
Bordeaux Red Vintage Paisley Tie
Bordeaux Red Modern Tartan Check Tie
Burgundy & Grey Dinosaur Tie
Maroon Coloured Geese Tie
Skull Pin Dots Burgundy Red Tie
Maroon Red Floral Paisley Tie
Dark Red Floral Dahlia Outline Print Tie
Burgundy Red Polka Floral Tie
Burgundy Cotton Plaid Tartan Tie
Burgundy & Beige Textured Plaid Tie
Burgundy Red Simple Polka Flower Tie
Golden Labrador Red Dog Print Tie
Doctor Who Tie Replica | The Doctor's Daughter | Tenth Doctor
One of the most popular colours in recent years, burgundy ties are a stylish choice to add a sophisticated splash of colour to your attire. An understated shade that uses a blend of dark red and brown, a burgundy tie is a classic way to update your suit. Choose from simple designs or intricately patterned ties depending on your personal taste. From subtle patterns such as pin dots, to paisley prints, a burgundy tie can guarantee a smart, put-together ensemble.