Polyester Grey & Silver Bow Ties

Pin Dots in Pure Silver Bow Tie
Dakota in Grey Bow Tie
Satin in Gunmetal Grey Bow Tie
Stourhead in Monochrome Bow Tie
Rosemoor in Multi Bow Tie
Scott in Navy Blue Bow Tie
Durham in Navy Blue, Red & Grey Bow Tie
Ombre in Pure Silver Bow Tie
Mini Game Controller in Platinum Bow Tie
Dakota in Slate Grey Bow Tie
Audley Gold Paisley Bow Tie
Pixel Sword in Grey Bow Tie
Brains in Grey Bow Tie
Kavanagh in Grey Bow Tie
Aberglasney Dark Grey Paisley Bow Tie
Classic in Pure Silver Bow Tie
Cross Stitch in Black Bow Tie
Classic in Platinum Bow Tie
Marble in Light Grey Bow Tie
Classic in Silver Lavender Bow Tie
Arya Silver Lavender Paisley Bow Tie
Deco in Monochrome Bow Tie
Corrigan in Platinum Bow Tie
Ombre in Thunder Grey Bow Tie
We have a huge range of grey and silver bow ties in our collection that have been carefully selected to suit every occasion. As a close colour match, both our silver and grey ties are ideal for weddings, work wear or an occasion that little more formal but where it is important to still be the smarter side of casual.