Bow Ties for Children | Kids Bow Ties

Chiswick in Burgundy (Child's Bow Tie)
Odessa in Pink (Child's Bow Tie)
Charlton in Blue (Child's Bow Tie)
Saffron Gold Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Ashington in Yellow (Child's Bow Tie)
Cotton in Pink Chambray (Child's Bow Tie)
Polka Hearts in Navy & White (Child's Bow Tie)
McMichaels in Blue (Child's Bow Tie)
Chiswick in Navy (Child's Bow Tie)
Chiswick in Cranberry (Child's Bow Tie)
Pin Dots in Navy (Child's Bow Tie)
Pin Dots in Blush (Child's Bow Tie)

Pin Dots in Blush (Child's Bow Tie)

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Odessa in Yellow (Child's Bow Tie)
Odessa in Navy Blue (Child's Bow Tie)
Dusky Pink Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Patel in Navy & Orange (Child's Bow Tie)
Grosgrain in Navy (Child's Bow Tie)
Pin Dots in Burgundy (Child's Bow Tie)
Oromo in Seafoam (Child's Bow Tie)
Classic in Plum (Child's Bow Tie)
Classic in Pure Gold (Child's Bow Tie)
Chiswick in Dusty Blue (Child's Bow Tie)
Mulberry Red Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Antique Gold Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
These bow ties for children are specially designed for any age. Whether you want a cute bow tie for a kids party, or a stylish dickie bow for a wedding, we've got it covered.

Our range of boys bow ties have become a big hit with weddings, particularly those looking for page boy bow ties and children's bow ties.