Bow Ties for Children | Kids Bow Ties

Navy Blue Floral Cotton (Child's Bow Tie)
Red Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Pink Blossom Floral (Child's Bow Tie)
Burgundy Red Polka Dots Burgundy (Child's Bow Tie)
Plain Solid Emerald Green Satin (Child's Bow Tie)
Copen Blue Floral Cotton (Child's Bow Tie)
Saffron Gold Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Vintage White & Yellow Ditsy Floral (Child's Bow Tie)
Antique Gold Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Polka Dot Hearts Navy & White (Child's Bow Tie)
Navy & Orange Stylish Paisley (Child's Bow Tie)
Grosgrain Navy Blue (Child's Bow Tie)
Navy Blue Polka Dots (Child's Bow Tie)
Cranberry Red Polka Dots (Child's Bow Tie)
Pin Dots in Blush (Child's Bow Tie)

Pin Dots in Blush (Child's Bow Tie)

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£ 18.99
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Navy Blue Pin Dots (Child's Bow Tie)
Yellow Blossom Floral (Child's Bow Tie)
Navy Blue Blossom Floral (Child's Bow Tie)
Dusky Pink Velvet (Child's Bow Tie)
Red Corduroy (Child's Bow Tie)
Seafoam Green Tiny Petal Cotton (Child's Bow Tie)
Burgundy Red Pin Dots (Child's Bow Tie)
Plain Solid Plum Purple (Child's Bow Tie)
Plain Solid Pure Gold (Child's Bow Tie)
Welcome to our collection of children's bow ties, all handmade in the UK by our very own team of seamstresses. These bow ties for children are specially designed for ages 0-10, because there is nothing worse than seeing a baby bow tie that looks like it should be worn by a teenager.

We have a great variety of kids bow ties for boys of all occasions, including christening bow ties, boys wedding bow ties, page boy bow ties, birthday bow ties, and bar mitzvah bow ties, so whether you want a cute bow tie for kids party, or a stylish boys dickie bow for a wedding, we've got it covered.

Our range of boys bow ties have become a big hit with weddings, particularly those looking for page boy bow ties and matching children's bow ties and adults bow ties.

As we make every item to-order, if you see one of our adults bow ties, and would like it as a kids bow tie, please contact Customer Services at to request one (T&Cs apply).