Blue Patterned Ties

Fleur De Lis Navy & Gold Tie
Blue Grecian Pattern Tie
Navy Blue Medallion Tie
Blue Modern Leopard Animal Print Tie
Origami Hummingbirds Navy Blue Tie
Flamingos Print Navy Blue Tie
Navy Blue Yellow Fleck Tie

Navy Blue Yellow Fleck Tie

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Blue DNA Molecular Double Helix Tie
Jacquard Diamond Teal Blue Tie
Fleur de Lis Navy Blue Cross Tie
Navy Blue Crown Print Tie
Blue Navy White Repeat Pattern Tie
Sapphire Blue Moroccan Print Tie
Navy Blue Wedding Fans Tie
Navy Blue Cactus Print Tie

Navy Blue Cactus Print Tie

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Steel Blue Wedding Fans Tie
Polka Dot Hearts Navy & Pink Tie
Astrology Navy Blue Constellations Tie
Valiant in Red & White Tie
Steel Blue Leopard Print Tie
Navy Blue Classic Medallion Tie
Blue Cocktails Tie
Textured Navy Blue Patterned Fabric Tie
Polka Dot Hearts Navy & White Tie
The patterns on these Mrs Bow Tie’s patterned ties can be found against a variety of coloured ties in both square ties and regular. The pattern repeats in these variety of designs create a stylish look and make these patterned ties suitable for both special occasions and everyday work wear.