Patterned Ties

Flamingos in Navy Tie
Fleur De Lis in Gold Tie

Fleur De Lis in Gold Tie

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Gatsby in Midnight Black Tie
Geo Honeycomb in Black & Gold Tie
Geo Honeycomb in Black & Grey Tie
Glasbury in Yellow Tie
Greco in Black Tie
Greco in Blue Tie
Greco in Burgundy Tie
Hampton in Blue Tie
Hearst in Burgundy Tie
Hearst in Dark Green Tie
Hearst in Mustard Tie
Herald in Navy Tie
Heybrook in Grey Tie
Heybrook in Mustard Tie
Heybrook in Pink Tie
Indo Mandala Black Tie
Indo Mandala Blue Tie
Indo Mandala Burgundy Tie
Interlocked Rings Blue Tie
Jackson Blue & Pink Tie
Jackson in Pastel Multi Tie
Jaguar Print Tie

Jaguar Print Tie

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The patterns on these Mrs Bow Tie’s patterned ties can be found against a variety of coloured ties in both square ties and regular. The pattern repeats in these variety of designs create a stylish look and make these patterned ties suitable for both special occasions and everyday work wear.