Mrs Bow Tie offers a great range of stylish pocket squares, from plain classics to textured fabrics. A simple or detailed pocket square can say a lot about a person so make sure it reflects your personality. Having a designer pocket square acts as a... finishing touch to a dapper outfit and can mean the difference between creating a traditional sophisticated look and a modern quirky style. With stylish pocket squares making a comeback they are also a must-have addition! Popular with all ages, from students and young entrepreneurs to mature gentlemen, the pocket square will transform your look from “another guy in a suit” to a trendsetter. It may be a small surface area but it can add a lot of style, colour and character to any look.

Which pocket square style should I wear?

There are no strict rules when it comes to what style of Pocket Square to go for, but we do advise people to match the formality of the fold to the formality of the occasion. Wearing a rose-fold pocket square might be slightly overkill at a casual get-together. Our Pocket Squares come pre-folded and sewn into cardboard so you don’t need to adjust it all day, but we do offer unfolded pocket squares if you prefer.