Yellow/Gold Pocket Squares

Antique Gold Faux Silk Pocket Square
Metallic Gold Pocket Square
Gold Faux Silk Pocket Square
Solid Plain Pastel Yellow Satin Pocket Square
Yellow Cross Pattern Pocket Square
Yellow & White Paisley Print Pocket Square
Cotton Sunshine Yellow Pocket Square
Yellow Blossom Floral Pocket Square
Gold Silk Velvet Pocket Square
Yellow Boho Eucalyptus Pocket Square
Champagne Velvet Pocket Square
Black & Gold 1920s Art Deco Pocket Square
Gold Vintage Paisley Pocket Square
Saffron Gold Velvet Pocket Square
Plain Solid Mustard Gold Pocket Square
Stag Sigil House Baratheon Pocket Square
Plain Solid Vintage Gold Pocket Square
Mustard Yellow Labrador Print Pocket Square
Gold Glitter Pocket Square
Navy Blue & Yellow Gold Fashion Stripe Pocket Square
Pure Gold Pin Dots Pocket Square
Saffron Gold Floral Paisley Pocket Square
Yellow Boho Chevron Pocket Square
Plain Solid Yellow Pocket Square
Pocket Squares at Mrs Bow Tie

We are proud to offer one of the biggest collections of pocket squares and handkerchiefs anywhere! With over 1000 designs, including traditional print pocket squares, paisley handkerchiefs and polka dot pocket squares, we have so much to choose for. As for the fabric, we have that covered too, with  cotton pocket squares, satin handkerchiefs, and faux silk handkerchiefs all on offer. The key deciding factor for many customers is colour. Our extensive range offers one of the biggest variety of colour available, from classic white pocket squares for black tie events, to pink pocket squares and blue handkerchiefs.  So whether it be wedding pocket squares or business handkerchiefs you're looking for. All our pocket squares are made-to-order in Britain, and most are exclusive designs created by the Mrs Bow Tie in-house design team.

Pocket Square or Handkerchief?

The pocket garment goes by different names to different people, but at Mrs Bow Tie we like to refer to our pre-sewn pocket squares as pocket squares, and unfolded pocket squares as handkerchiefs. Our pre-sewn pocket squares have become a hit worldwide with sartorialists that don't like fuss. So what are they? Our pre-folded pocket squares, available in various folds, have the fabric pre-folded and sewn into position in a cardboard sleeve. This isn't for everyone, but it's incredibly convenient for creating a uniform look with grooms and groomsmen, or for the gent in a rush.

What do you recommend?

It all depends on the occasion, but if you're looking for pocket squares for weddings, we'd recommend choosing something a subtle, simplistic and romantic as your wedding pocket square, or a floral pocket square for summer weddings, or matching the colour to your bridesmaids or wedding colours.

If you're looking for a business pocket square or professional handkerchief, we'd suggest you choose something bold and adventurous. These small accessories are meant to pack a punch, so be brave and choose a statement handkerchief with a design or pattern that reflects your personality, mood or overall look. We have a great range of patterned pocket squares, including animal print pocket squares, that add a splash of colour and character to your outfit.

How to match a pocket square to a tie?

The advice is to contrast your handkerchief or pocket square with your tie or bow tie so that they're not the same, but many of our customers feel more comfortable pairing their tie and pocket square to match. If you're wanting to create a contrasting look, try pairing up an orange pocket square or yellow handkerchief with a blue tie, or a paisley pocket square with a striped tie.