Political Ties

Glasbury in Yellow Tie
Classic in Vintage Gold Tie
Emilia Floral Dark Yellow Tie
Linen Yellow Tie
Mustard Gold Point Knitted Tie
Manchester Bee Yellow Tie
Albion in Mustard Gold Tie
Aberdeen Mustard Gold Tie
Chiswick Yellow Polka Dot Tie
Arya in Saffron Gold Tie
Cavendish in Mustard Tie
Das in Gold & Navy Tie
Magnus in Prussian Blue & Yellow Tie
Flag of the European Union Tie
Classic Plain Dark Green Tie
Foxes in Dark Green Tie
Barkwith Green Stripe Tie
Austin in Green Tie
Maison in Greenery Tie
Chiswick in Cranberry Tie
Crown in Regal Red Tie
Red Rose Pin Dots Tie
Wilburson in Red Tie
Lagos Laurel Red Tie
Here you'll find a whole range of political ties and ties in political party colours, including Labour ties, Liberal Democrats ties, Green Party ties, Conservatives ties and Brexit Party ties. With a UK General Election on 12 December 2019 and a Presidential Election in November 2020, there will be a whole host of political candidates looking to smarten up, so we've made it easy for you to find political ties for you.