Polyester Tartan Ties

Dunbeath in Blue Tie
Inverness in Blue Tie
Inverness in Grey Tie
Inverness in Pink Tie
Inverness in Turquoise Tie
Jackson in Bright Multi Tie
Magnus in Navy & Orange Tie
Magnus in Navy & Red Tie
Magnus in Navy Blue & Grey Tie
Magnus in Prussian Blue & Mulberry Tie
Magnus in Prussian Blue & Yellow Tie
McEwen in Bordeaux Tie
McEwen in Green Tie
McEwen in Pink Tie
McEwen in Silver Tie
McEwen in Steel Blue Tie

Considering our tartan ties for the classic look when it comes to suiting up. Our collection are great for adding an exciting, visual element to your outfit. Creating a mixture of colours, tartan ties are ideal for a traditional yet timeless appearance.

Offering an alternative to the usual styles, tartan ties from Mrs Bow Tie are available in a huge variety of designs including both large and small tartan patterns. Colours range from classic navy and red to contemporary green and light blue.