Novelty ties can show off your character and personality before you have even talked to anyone in the room! We offer a wide range of themed ties, including food & drink, animals and fan favourites. So if you want to pay tribute to the Doctor, join the force or even feel part of the wizarding world, then we have what you need. When it comes to wearing a themed tie it all comes down to having the confidence to stand out in the crowd whilst looking great. You should note that novelty ties will not always be appropriate, but when they are they allow you to have some fun and show off your true personality. Themed ties also make great gift ideas, whether it is for Father’s Day, a Birthday or Christmas.

When is it suitable to wear a themed or novelty tie?

For certain occasions wearing a novelty tie is not deemed appropriate, for example, if you are attending a business meeting at work, you most likely wouldn’t wear a Star Wars themed tie, but you might wear one of our classic ties. Quirky ties are suitable however, for events where the rules are less strict, such as parties, themed weddings, and charity events.