The tie that you choose to wear can show a lot about your personality, but it’s essential that you get the right colour combination if you want to look effortlessly stylish. Colourful ties will never fail when worn with a white shirt, but you should double check combos if you’re wearing a striped or blue shirt. The coloured ties on Mrs Bow Tie are available in a variety of shades that enable you to find the perfect colour to match your event. When it comes to choosing the colour of the tie, a lot of it does come down to confidence, but also you need to consider the colour of the shirt that you will be wearing with the tie. For example, a mid-blue shirt, a burgundy tie and a navy suit is a great combination that every man can pull off!

Shirt & Tie Colour Combinations

When buying a coloured tie, you need to consider the colour of the shirt and suit you will be wearing. If you’re wearing a navy suit and white shirt, you’re free to choose almost any colour tie you want. Below is an example of the colours that go best together. When it comes to combining colours an easy rule of thumb is to see what the colour wheel states are complimentary – there is a little science involved unless your aim is simply to buck trends and go for some mad combinations.

So the colour groups that naturally complement each other are:

Blue & Orange
Purple & Yellow
Green & Red
Yellow & Navy

Stick to those and you will not go wrong if you are looking for a smart and colourful look. Browse our fantastic and comprehensive range of colourful ties to add the finishing touch to your outfit.