Burgundy Ties

Brushed Linen in Port Tie
Casablanca in Dark Cherry Tie
Dinosaurs in Burgundy and Grey Tie
Albion in Mulberry Tie
Shelley in Bordeaux Tie
McEwen in Bordeaux Tie
Greco in Burgundy Tie
Victor in Burgundy & Gold Tie
Geese in Maroon Tie
Rooster in Maroon Tie
Bloomberg Burgundy Medallion Tie
Hearst in Burgundy Tie
Cavendish in Maroon Tie
Bloomberg Mulberry Medallion Tie
Arya in Maroon Tie
Abbotts Floral Maroon Tie
Tennis in Maroon Tie
Skull Pin Dots in Burgundy Tie
Burgundy Christmas Tie
Gingerbread Men Burgundy Christmas Tie
Snowflakes in Burgundy Christmas Tie
Polka Gingerbread Burgundy Christmas Tie
Classic in Mulberry Tie
Classic in Bordeaux Tie
Ties are possibly the most important aspect of a man’s smart wardrobe. While they may just be a small accessory, stylish ties can bring a look together effortlessly and add an element of sophistication to your appearance. Complete your look with a tie clip.
Whether you’re heading to the office, to a wedding or any type of special event, our collection of men’s ties can do the job. Available in a huge range of patterns and colours, express your own personal style through our extensive collection.