Gold Yellow & Gold Bow Ties

Pharaoh in Gold Bow Tie
Classic in Pure Gold Bow Tie
Droplet Gold Multi Paisley Bow Tie
Ellington Paisley Gold Bow Tie
Geo Honeycomb in Black & Gold Bow Tie
Paris in Black & Gold Bow Tie
Shelley Pure Gold Paisley Bow Tie
Raja Gold Paisley Bow Tie

Gold bow ties are a perfect choice for special occasions, adding a sense of glamour and luxury to your outfit, while yellow bow ties are bright and refreshing. You'll find that both our gold bow ties and yellow bow ties are available in a number of different shades, including champagne, yellow gold, saffron, mustard yellow, lemon and other similar colours.

Choose from a range of patterns or plain designs depending on your personal taste; we offer stripes, pin dots and other contemporary prints. Don’t forget to choose your favourite shape when it comes to your new yellow bow tie!