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Mrs Bow Tie brings you a wide range of colourful bow ties meaning that you can look the part no matter what you shirt and suit choices are. Ironically the most popular coloured bow tie is in fact black but that is of course because it lies at the heart of black tie dress code and evening dress tradition. Black bow ties however are not… exclusive to black tie events, and can be a very snappy addition to any coloured shirt for those opting for the humble bow over the traditional tie.

Be open to new colours and experiment; whether you want a subtle lilac, blue, or green or wish to go bold and bright with an orange, red, or yellow, there are fabulous colourful bow ties available for each occasion. Whether you choose your shirt first or create your outfit around a colourful bow tie you will find the perfect match. Remember that accessories for suiting act the same as jewellery for women – they catch the eye – so make sure it reflects your personality.

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