Can you make a kids bow tie for me?

Absolutely. We have a range of children's bow ties already available on the website, but if you see a design that isn't available on the website, we should certainly be able to make one for you. Any bow ties that are made specifically for you and aren't for sale on the website will be treated as a custom-made product and will be non-returnable.

Depending on the nature of the fabric or design, some styles may not be available or possible to make as a kids bow tie.

Can I get the kids bow tie as a self-tie?

Unfortunately, we only make kids bow ties available as standard pre-tied.

Can I get a matching handkerchief for a child?

If you’d like to add a children’s handkerchief to your order, please contact customer services, who will be happy to advise. Depending on the fabric and design, we may not be able to make it, but please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please note, we will only fulfil this request when part of an order and can’t make a handkerchief alone. As these items will be made bespoke for you, they will be considered non-returnable.

Can you supply fabric samples ahead of placing my order?

Of course! The beauty of your items being handmade to order is that we have fabric we can send to you ahead of placing your order. You can find the option for fabric samples on each product. If you need help ordering samples, please don’t hesitate to ask customer services.

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