If you’re looking for Autumn wedding colour ideas, emerald and green are a great colour combination to consider. Both the dark green tones and gold accents suit the season’s natural colour tones.
Not a colour combination you’d usually consider, dark grey mixed with peach can create some stunning autumnal looks. This colour palette is perfect for brides that want to avoid the usual light pastel tones associated with weddings.
When you think of autumn, you immediately think of amber tones. But incorporating it with pastel tones? That’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Let amber be the primary colour of the event, but with beautiful pastel wedding accessories added to soften the palette.
If there is ever a time of year where dark brown tones can be effortlessly stylish, it’s autumn. most wedding couples tend to overlook brown as a wedding colour preference, but a metallic brown like bronze creates a rich backdrop that is then complemented by touches of yellow.
Mauve is stunning, no doubt about that, but to make it a perfect wedding colour palette try adding yellow to the mix. This stunning blend of colours creates wonderful colours for an autumn wedding and you’ll find plenty of ways to incorporate it into your day, such as mauve bridesmaid dresses with yellow ties for groomsmen.
The dark shade of ochre works fantastically with bright yellow tones, replicating nature’s very own autumnal colour palette. Ochre is a sultry shade that will look stunning both when the sun is shining and night has fallen, with details of bright yellow lifting the overall palette.
Dark purple is a classic autumnal colour, but adding a mix of blush pink into the palette will soften it and make it wedding perfect. Both these colours are popular with weddings, so you’ll find plenty of options for decorating your venue.
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