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The Colour Studio

Struggling to find the perfect colour to match your bridesmaid dresses or wedding colour theme?

Well worry no more, because thanks to our state of the art Colour Studio, you can now have the exact colour you want!

What is the Colour Studio?

When you purchase items from Mrs Bow Tie, we don’t pick from a box in our warehouse and pack the goods into a branded box, we manufacture the whole product just for you.

Based in our Hampshire factory, we not only cut and make the products but also print all of our exclusive satin designs using state of the art machinery, which allows us to create hundreds of wonderful designs and colours.

Our Colour Studio is a fantastic new function for wedding-planning couples to get the exact colour they want, removing the hassle and stress of hunting to find something similar.

So how does the Colour Studio work?

Assuming you know what colour you’re looking for, or you’ve already chosen other items you want to match the colour of, you have two options:

The Exact Match

  1. Purchase a one-time £20 Colour Match service charge here.
  2. Along with your order number, send a sample of the fabric to:

    Colour Studio
    Mrs Bow Tie
    Threadster Park, West Way
    Andover, SP10 5JG
    United Kingdom

  3. Our design team will create a colour match of this sample, printed onto satin.
  4. We send you a sample of the colour match, with the original fabric sample you sent.
  5. Once you’re happy with this match, contact customer services to create your order.
  6. We produce the items you require in the exact colour you want.

The Closest Match

  1. Purchase one of our Palette Books in the colour you’re looking for.
  2. We’ll send you a Palette Book containing a range of shades and basic patterns for you to consider.
  3. Once you’ve chosen your colour and pattern contact customer services to create your order.
  4. Send back your Palette Book for store credit towards your order.

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