Mauve has emerged as a hugely popular wedding colour for 2022 and 2023 weddings, so why not couple it with another heavy-hitter; sage green. These two dusty shades complement each other beautifully, and create a stunning natural colour palette for your wedding. You can find both mauve wedding ties and sage green bow ties on our website to fit in with this colour theme.
15 years ago, vibrant colours like hot coral and aqua were all the rage. Today, brides are favouring a softer colour palette for their summer wedding, and pale peach tones with light blue shades like duck egg blue work really well together. If you’re planning to implement Regency period features, similar to the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, this colour palette is definitely one you should consider.
Blending bright yellow tones like saffron with a cool green shade like pistachio will create a wonderful optimistic colour palette for your summer wedding. They’re two colours you wouldn’t typically see together - which means you’re unlikely to see it at other weddings, giving you a truly unique colour theme.
If you prefer the simplicity of black and white but feel obligated to have a colour for your wedding, then this could be the one for you. The beauty of adding dusty rose to your colour palette is that it’s an inoffensive shade that gives your summer wedding a hint of colour while keeping the main design a monochrome colour scheme.
Blue, green, yellow, red; the primary colours. In their truest form they can be a bit too bold for a wedding, but take a lighter shade of each and you find yourself with dusty blue, sage green, soft yellow and dusky pink - all beautiful and popular in equal measure. The benefits of this summer colour palette is that you have more diversity for decorating the rest of your wedding.
Take soft pink hues and blend it with rich golden tones and you’re on to a winner. This colour combination is a great choice and offers a lot of freedom to introduce the colours to wider parts of your wedding. Choosing a rich or dark gold rather than a gentle tone is more reflective of the season, and with metallic pieces at the wedding the light will radiate off them.
This wedding colour has been a hit for years and shows no sign of going away. The use of vibrant yellow tones on a muted grey background creates fantastic pops of colour that are perfect for summer weddings.
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