We’re starting off this list with a colour combination you probably didn’t expect. The merger of burgundy and blush pink is not one many people think of but these colours work beautifully together and are perfect as a winter wedding colour theme. These two shades sit opposite ends of the red colour palette, but complement each other brilliantly and allow you to have both light and dark elements.
Mauve is a huge wedding colour trend for 2022 and 2023, and can be used all year round. This gorgeous dusty shade adds a dash of colour to your winter wedding while staying muted for the season. Pairing it with dark yellow shades, like mustard yellow, injects a rich textured colour that is perfect for winter wedding styling.
Dark blue shades like navy blue are a go-to colour for winter weddings. Dark colours create a warmth that fits the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a pop of colour. By adding a metallic element like copper, which works superbly with dark blue, you will break up the dark blue palette and create an optimism among your colour scheme.
A ready-made winter wedding colour palette comes in the form of an unlikely wedding colour; grey. However, using the full range of colours available on the grey spectrum, from dove grey wedding ties to dark grey centrepieces, you can create a stunning wedding colour theme by incorporating a grey ombre wedding pattern.
Many would expect a green, orange and cream colour palette to fit an autumn wedding more than a winter wedding palette, but these typically autumnal colours are perfect for a winter wedding. The typical colours thought of for winter - centred around Christmas - is red and green. But to avoid this cliche colour scheme, soften these colours to shades of eucalyptus green and rust orange and you’ll have a gorgeous winter theme.
If you want dark rich colours, but don’t want to use popular colour trends like dark blue and copper, dark purple and gold is a fantastic alternative. Purple was the colour of royalty, so blending this colour with hints of gold creates a stunning opulent winter wedding colour palette.
Blue and grey are staple winter colours, but have you ever considered adding a warmer colour into the mix? While keeping these traditional light colours, add pale pink or even a light peach tone to incorporate an unexpected colour into this colour scheme and lift the blend of colours on display during your ceremony and reception.
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