Cotton in Evergreen Junior Hanky


This pocket square is available in the styles below;

£ 15.00 £ 1.00
£ 1.00

This pocket square is available in the styles below;


0 to 24 months - 10cm Square

2 to 5 years - 13.5cm Square

6 to 10 years - 21cm Square

The above measurements can vary slightly and are to be used as an approximate size guide.

Our entire pocket square range is exclusive to the Mrs Bow Tie brand, designed and handmade by the team in our UK studio. Particular attention is given to the detail of each and every pocket square during the manufacturing process, employing the most experienced seamstresses.

Beautifully presented in a 100% recycled 'Kraft brand' gift box.

Dry clean only. 100% Cotton.

More about this pocket square...

The pre-folded pocket squares measure 9.1cm x 10.4cm. The width of the card fits all standard jacket and waistcoat front pockets, the length of the card is designed to be cut to match the depth of your pocket, which may vary. The handkerchief measures 29-30cm square, depending on the fabric.

Due to the nature of the product, washing or dry cleaning is not advised.

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