Navy Blue & Silver Grey Damask Pocket Square


A gorgeous damask print in silver grey on marine blue.  Luxurious and elegant, this design makes a stunning occasion piece and it pretty perfect for weddings - grooms, groomsmen and guests too.  Particularly nice toned with similar deep blues, or contrasted with grey.
      • Pre-folded styles are sewn into a cardboard sleeve for convenience and consistency.
      • For an unfolded pocket square, a handkerchief is also available.
      • Made in Britain.
      • Made with 100% Polyester Satin.

      Product Details

      What is the different between a handkerchief and the other folds?

      Our handkerchief is the traditional square accessory that can be folded and styled however you choose, while our pocket squares are pre-folded and sewn into a cardboard sleeve, which can be slid into your jacket pocket.

      Our pre-folded pocket squares are designed for ease, convenience and consistency, often favoured by brides and grooms wanting their groomsmen to have a matching look.

      Can the pre-folded pocket squares be removed from the sleeve?

      The pre-folded pocket squares are manufactured differently and do not contain a whole handkerchief inside, so removing the cardboard sleeve will damage the item. We make them in this way to ensure the fold is the same, and inclosing a whole handkerchief would make it too bulky for a jacket pocket.

      Can you supply fabric samples ahead of placing my order?

      Of course! The beauty of your items being handmade to order is that we have fabric we can send to you ahead of placing your order. You can find the option for fabric samples on each product. If you need help ordering samples, please don’t hesitate to ask customer services.

      Along with the handkerchief (approx 35cm x 35cm), our unique pre-folded pocket squares are available in the following folds:

      Classic Fold

      Clear-Cut Fold

      Pyramid Fold

      2-Peak Fold

      3-Peak Fold

      Cascade Fold

      Please Note: All our pre-folded styles are sewn into a cardboard sleeve for convenience and consistency and cannot be removed, altered or re-folded. They are designed to slip directly into your jacket pocket. The card can be cut down to accomodate shallower pockets if needed.

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