Savoy Duo Pocket Square

A double-sided pocket square combining two complimentary fabrics.

Available as a traditional unfolded handkerchief or in two pre-folded styles.

Our pocket squares are handmade in the UK and are available to match our entire design range. 

The pre-folded pocket squares are stitched in place on a card which can be cut down to your desired depth. They cannot be unstitched or the fold style changed. The reverse of the card is covered in anti-slip material to both protect your pocket lining and enable you to wear your pocket square at any depth.

Please select one of the following fold styles from the drop down box above when adding to your cart:

Unfolded Handkerchief
2 Peak Fold
Twin Clear Cut Fold

Sizing Information

The unfolded handkerchief measures 29 to 30cm square, depending on the fabric type.

The pocket square card measures 9.1cm x 10.4cm

The width of the card fits all standard jacket and waistcoat front pockets, the length of the card is designed to be cut to match the depth of your pocket which may vary.

The pocket square fold extends from the card by 3cm to 7.5cm depending on fold style chosen. By cutting the length of the card you can adjust how much of the pocket square is displayed to achieve the desired height. 

Due to the cardboard content of pre-folded styles, washing or dry cleaning is not advised. Fabric is 100% Polyester Faux Silk.

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