Turquoise Plain Textured Cotton Bow Tie

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A textured cotton in deep turquoise blue.

  • All shapes available as either pre-tied or self-tie bow ties
  • Made in Britain.
  • Made with 100% Textured Cotton.
  • Dry clean only.
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Like I said above, it’s great.

Recent order

Dear Sirs,
As yet, I have not had the opportunity to use it, or in fact, any of the 4 bow ties recently purchased through Mrs Bow Tie. However, I must say that the whole experience of dealing with your company was an absolute joy. Accessing and perusing your astounding range of colours and patterns was like an Aladin's Cave and the ordering process could not have been simpler. As for delivery, that too was just as you quoted at the time of ordering.
For the record, the bow ties are required for a cruise we shall be undertaking later in the year and the idea is for each of them to match the colour of my good lady's evening gowns and, having checked them out, they match perfectly.
Thank you very much. What a wonderful company you are to deal with and as and when we add to Christine's wardrobe, we know exactly where to go.
Brian Dawson


As always, the delivery is terrific: it arrived to me, in Italy, in just two days. I love the fabric, it looks amazing, slightly vintage: it can be, maybe, a little more difficult to tie at first, because it's thicker than the usual ones, but it becomes easier just the second time. And it makes the final result look even more satisfactory!


Product looks exactly as shown on the website. Timely delivery and I loved the personal note. Will definitely order again!

How do the self-tie bow ties look when tied?

Depending on how they are tied, self-tie bow ties will look different, so there isn't one particular way that they will look. It’s part of the charm of a self-tied bow tie that it can be either messy or perfect and it’s fine either way.

The good news is that the pre-tied bow ties you see on our website have been designed and manufactured to look very similar to a self-tie bow tie, so you can rely on these photos to give you an idea of how it will look when tied.

Why is the bow tie I want not available as a self-tie?

Usually, our decision not to make a self-tie available is due to the nature of some fabrics and the manufacturing process, which make some fabrics unsuitable for self-tie. We also limit some of our bow ties, such as our flag bow ties, because they need to be folded in a very specific way in order to reflect the true image. However, it may also be that we have reached the last of the fabric or stock, and it simply isn't available any more.

Why are some bow ties only available in some shapes?

Unfortunately, some of our bow ties aren’t available in the full range of shapes we supply because the fabric or design doesn’t work well with these shapes.

Can you make a kids bow tie for me?

Absolutely. We have a range of children's bow ties already available on the website, but if you see a design that isn't available on the website, we should certainly be able to make one for you. Any bow ties that are made specifically for you and aren't for sale on the website will be treated as a custom-made product and will be non-returnable.

Depending on the nature of the fabric or design, some styles may not be available or possible to make as a kids bow tie.

Can you supply fabric samples ahead of placing my order?

Of course! The beauty of your items being handmade to order is that we have fabric we can send to you ahead of placing your order. You can find the option for fabric samples on each product. If you need help ordering samples, please don’t hesitate to ask customer services.

The majority of our bow ties are available either pre-tied (fixed to maintain their shape) or as self-ties.

Approx. Bow Size: 5.5cm (h) x 11.5cm (w) 
Pre-Tie Strap Length: Adjustable: 30cm - 48cm
Self-Tie Length Adjustable: 14" - 19" Neck Sizes

Approx. Bow Size: 7cm (h) x 12.5cm (w) 
Pre-Tie Strap Length: Adjustable: 30cm - 48cm
Self-Tie Length Adjustable: 14" - 19" Neck Sizes

Batwing (Skinny)
Approx. Bow Size: 4.5cm (h) x 13cm (w) 
Pre-Tie Strap Length: Adjustable: 30cm - 48cm
Self-Tie Length Adjustable: 14" - 19" Neck Sizes

Diamond Point
Approx. Bow Size: 5cm (h) x 14.5cm (w) 
Pre-Tie Strap Length: Adjustable: 30cm - 48cm
Self-Tie Length Adjustable: 14" - 19" Neck Sizes

Large Evening
Approx. Bow Size: 9cm (h) x 13.5cm (w) 
Pre-Tie Strap Length: Adjustable: 30cm - 48cm
Self-Tie Length Adjustable: 14" - 19" Neck Sizes

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