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This cotton lined SilverPlus® face mask is 100% made in Britain. It is constructed from soft, breathable cotton which is washable and reusable, the outer layer is produced using a printed microfibre treated with SilverPlus® antimicrobial technology. The mask contours your face and covers under the eyes and below the chin to give as much coverage as possible, to prevent infectious particles in the air you breath.

You may wish to consider purchasing two masks so that while one is being washed and dried there is another available for use. The mask contours your face and covers under the eyes and over the chin to prevent the mask riding upwards and obscuring your sight.

  • 2 layers of breathable cotton, soft and comfortable to wear
  • SilverPlus® antimicrobial microfibre layer

  • Lightweight nose wire to help keep shape

  • 3mm elastic chord (as used by the NHS) each side

  • Elastic supplied untied so you can set the perfect fit for you


Available in two sizes, suitable for different facial shapes. Based on typical facial shapes, we recommend medium for women and juniors and large for men. Model wears Medium and is an accurate representation of the mask. From the centre seam (the part that goes from nose to chin) is 13cm for medium, and 15cm for large. The width from strap to strap is 24cm for medium, and 26cm for large.

Wearing a face covering helps:


Prevent some airborne droplets from being inhaled.

  2. Stop the wearer from touching their own mouth and nose.

  3. Protect other people from you if you are ill or carrying a virus.

  4. Keeps precious medical masks available for the people who really need them.

DISCLAIMER: This mask is not a medical mask. We do not claim that these masks offer 100% protection from Coronavirus (COVID-19), but significantly reduces your risk. Do not put this mask onto children under 2 years old.

For hygiene reasons, we are unable to offer any refund or exchange for face masks unless they are faulty.

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MIchael Davison
Face mask

Product very good and as described

Hand wash (recommended)
Using warm water and a soap or detergent, gently hand wash your mask by run your fingers or the flat of your palm over the surface areas. Do not pull or stretch the material of the mask, as this may compromise the quality and/or damage the mask. Next, rinse out thoroughly in fresh clean water.

Machine wash (alternative)
If you prefer to machine wash then keep the temperature to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and use a good detergent.

DO NOT wring or twist to dry. If necessary, reshape the mask after washing and before drying, to prevent shrinkage. Hang mask to air dry naturally, preferably outside with fresh air. We do not recommend using a tumble drier to dry the mask.

Once you have a clean mask, store it away in a clean place. Do not leave it in a place where it could be exposed to another person.

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