Top Hat Cufflinks
Doff your hat to these super smart top hat cufflinks! Quintessentially British and ever-so sophisticated.Cufflinks Material: Nickel  
Pug Cufflinks
Adorable pug dog cufflinks.  Much easier than taking your actual pooch to work or occasions and make a great gift idea too. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Paperclip Cufflinks
Get your occasion wear in order with these quirky stationery stylish cufflinks.  The best original gift idea for office workers. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Dachshund Cufflinks
Dapper dachshund dogs in a distressed metallic finish.  A fun finishing accessory for work or occasion wear, or original gift idea. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Rose Gold Trumpet Cufflinks
Announce your arrival in these super jazzy rose gold toned cufflinks.  The perfect gift for musicians! Approx 2.5cm wide Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Beagles Cufflinks
The perfect accessory for the dog lover in all of us, cute beagle cufflinks in silver show your love for our canine companions. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Grey Heart Cufflinks
The ideal set of cufflinks for a wedding, with silver bars and soft grey hearts, it is an accessory you will love wearing. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Llamas Cufflinks
Be as confident and as sociable as this herd animal in your Llama cufflinks, an original gift idea and the perfect conversation starter at conferences and functions. Approx 2.5cm x 2cm  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Anchor & Rope Cufflinks
 Anchors away!  Gorgeous anchor and rope cufflinks that are perfect for anyone with a nautical connection or interest.  A touch of character for work and formal wear. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approximately 2cm x 1.5cm
Saturn Cufflinks
Brushed silver cufflinks in the shape of the 6th planet in our solar system, the ringed giant Saturn, that take your outfit out of this world. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Stag Cufflinks
A best-seller, these nickel stag cufflinks are great for blending traditional with trendy. Stags have been a stylish icon within fashion for centuries, so you can be sure that these cufflinks will never go out of style and can be...
Small Skull Cufflinks
Tiny shrunken skull cufflinks that add a touch of the macabre and mysterious to any nighttime function.  Wear with a fitted black suit for dark side appeal. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approximately 1cm x 1.5cm
Christmas Tree Cufflinks
Get into the Christmas spirit with these festive Christmas tree cufflinks. Perfect for gifting as a present (Secret Santa gift idea, perhaps?) or wearing as part of a Christmas Day outfit. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
European Union Flag Cufflinks
The European Union's signature blue flag with a ring of stars on a set of smooth silver cufflinks.  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
The Groom Cufflinks
Congratulations! You're getting married. This is one day you need to look your absolute best, so practice tying the perfect tie or bow tie, and polish these wonderful cufflinks. These stylish cufflinks also have room for engraving initials/dates.Cufflinks Material: Nickel  
Crown Jewels Cufflinks
The crowning glory to any formalwear, these cufflinks are dapper and distinguished for sophisticates and supremacy alike! Approx 1.5cm x 1.5cm Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Steering Wheel Cufflinks
Start your engines and put your outfit in pole position with this set of silver Steering Wheel cufflinks! Cufflinks Material: Nickel  
Butterfly Cufflinks
Wear these cufflinks and be the social butterfly you know you are!  A striking way to adorn your cuffs and strike up conversation. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm
Welsh Flag Cufflinks
The flag of Wales (or Cymru, if you're Welsh) is one that brings pride to all Welsh people - so show your patriotism with these cufflinks. Flag Material: EnamelCufflinks Material: Nickel Please note: Unfortunately, these cufflinks are imported as we...
Oval Geo Weave Cufflinks
Smart monochrome cufflinks in black with a weave accent.  Versatile and timeless enough to be worn from the boardroom to the dancefloor.  A must have for 2019. Approx 2.5cm x 1.5cm  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Drum Kit Cufflinks
Drum roll please!!!  Quirky drum kit cufflinks that make a perfect gift for musicians or rockers! Approx 2cm wide Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Irish Flag Cufflinks
Adorn the luck of the Irish with these Flag of Ireland cufflinks. Flag Material: EnamelCufflinks Material: Nickel Please note: Unfortunately, these cufflinks are imported as we can't make them in the UK.
Black & White Guitars Cufflinks
Channel your inner Rock 'n' Roll star with these black and white telecaster style guitar cufflinks. Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Prince of Wales Cufflinks
The heraldic Prince of Wales crest is a symbol of class and prestige and dates back to Edward, the Black Prince of the 1300's!  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Scottish Flag Cufflinks
Show your Scottish pride with these Flag of Scotland cufflinks. Flag Material: EnamelCufflinks Material: Nickel
Cricket Bat Cufflinks
Be a good sport with these distressed look cricket bat cufflinks!  A great gift idea for any enthusiast and the perfect accessory for summer functions. Cufflinks Material: Nickel Approx 2.5cm x 0.5cm
Hashtag Cufflinks
Since the rise of Twitter in 2007, the hashtag has become an international symbol of social media. This means they're perfect for millennials. #MustHave!Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Red, White & Blue Elastic Cufflinks
A classic colour combination of red, white and blue on elasticated cufflinks.  Cufflinks Material: Nickel
UK Silhouette Cufflinks
Celebrate the Britain and it's heritage with these stylish and sophisticated British Isles silhouette cufflinks.Cufflinks Material: Nickel
Mono Geometric Cufflinks
These monochrome geometric cufflinks are a trendy touch to a classic suit. Perfect when paired with a black of dark grey suit, these cufflinks add quirky style to your look.Cufflinks Material: Acrylic & Nickel

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Here you'll find our great range of cufflinks. We have a big collection of flag cufflinks, and wedding cufflinks for grooms, groomsmen, ushers and father of the bride. You'll also find stylish cufflinks for father's day, birthday and graduation cufflinks. We like to offer both traditional cufflinks and novelty cufflinks, with llamas, rainbow and dinosaur cufflinks.
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