Plain Solid Black Satin Cummerbund
Burgundy Red Wine Plain Solid Satin Cummerbund
Plain Solid Midnight Navy Satin Cummerbund
Antique Gold Faux Silk Cummerbund
Vermillion Red Solid Plain Satin Cummerbund
Solid Plain Pale Pink Satin Cummerbund
Peacock Blue Faux Silk Cummerbund
Teal Traditional Paisley Cummerbund
Midnight Purple Solid Plain Satin Cummerbund
Plain Solid Gunmetal Grey Satin Cummerbund
Solid Plain White Satin Cummerbund
Deep Sea Cummerbund
Nile Green Cummerbund
Chestnut Cummerbund
Valentine Red Cummerbund
Thistle Cummerbund
Powder Blue Cummerbund
Indigo Cummerbund
Graphite Cummerbund
River Green Cummerbund
Vintage Brown Cummerbund
Strawberry Cummerbund
Empire Purple Cummerbund
Celestial Blue Cummerbund
An essential piece of the black tie dress code, the cummerbund is a traditional formal accessory originally designed for carrying small items around, but now a vital item that covers the point where your shirt is tucked into your trousers.

Cummerbunds are widely worn around the world to formal black tie events, including charity dinners, fundraisers, galas, balls and black tie weddings. We offer the traditional black satin cummerbund as well as a variety of coloured cummerbunds, designs and fabrics to suit the occasion.