Polka Dot Ties & Spotted Ties

Cranberry Red Polka Dots Cotton Tie
Multi Dots Polka Sky Liberty Cotton Tie
Dusty Steel Blue Tiny Dots Tie
Navy Blue & White Glitch Polka Dot Tie
Silver Lavender Dusk Mini Pin Dots Tie
Green Dots Cotton Linen Tie
French Blue Polka Dots Cotton Tie
Gold Metallic Dots Black Tie
Sage Green Mini Pin Dots Tie
White Contemporary Dots Tie
Colour Dots Blue Tie
Burgundy Red Polka Dots Cotton Tie
Pink & Teal Contemporary Dots Tie
Dark Green Pin Dots Tie
Polka Dot Hearts Navy & White Tie
Burgundy Red Simple Fleck Tie
Navy Blue Pin Dots Tie
Coral Polka Dots Navy Blue Tie
Burgundy Red Pin Dots Tie
Navy & Grey Polka Dots Tie
Rose Quartz & Serenity Polka Dots Tie

Rose Quartz & Serenity Polka Dots Tie

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Dusky Purple Dots Cotton Linen Tie
Serenity Light Blue Polka Dots Tie
Red Rose Pin Dots Tie
If you're looking for a classic polka dot tie, then look no further. Here we have a great collection of dot ties, from pin dots to patterned spots ties. Available in a range of colours, our polka dot ties for men come in both unique shades that make perfect polka dots ties for weddings, and the timeless shades of red and blue.

Whether you're looking for a simple spotted tie that gives a sophisticated look, or a colourful dots tie that injects some playful personality to your outfit, we have something for everyone.

Dotted ties and spots ties are a fairly safe option that is unlikely to go out of fashion, so it's always best to have a dot tie in your closet for any fashion emergencies or unclear dress codes. If you really want to look like you know what you're doing (without much effort) pair your polka dot tie with a pocket square of a different colour or pattern, such as a floral or paisley pocket square.