Ties are one of the most important aspects of a man’s wardrobe. They may only seem a small part but they can make or break your whole look. When wearing a tie there are many choices of colour and pattern to choose from, so be sure these styles and colours work with the shirt or suit you are wearing. Whether you’re looking for wedding ties or… something more low key, you will always be able to find a tie for the occasion. Unlike bow ties, which are instantly a statement piece on their own, ties can be both stylish patterns and quirky themes, enabling people to express themselves according to their interests. Themed ties are great for expressing your interests, from movies, video games and TV to and music, sports and hobbies. The tie can hold a lot of expression, so use it your advantage to liven up any plain shirt with an abundance of colour and pattern.

How to Wear Ties

Available in a range of colours and styles, ties are perfect for pretty much every event. However, there are some things that you need to consider when it comes to adding a tie to your outfit. The main one being coordinating your tie with whichever shirt you are wearing. It’s easy to revert back to the same plain colour tie you wear for every occasion, but experiment! You’d be surprised how much choice you have when you are open to different patterns and colours.

When it comes to themed ties or brighter ties, it all comes down to confidence and character. Themed ties allow you to have some fun and show off your personality. Having the confidence to wear an out-there tie will make you stand out against the crowd and you can be sure to look good doing so.

What does a tie say about me?

Ties are a small way to show your character and offer that little snippet of information about you to a room. If you’re attending a sophisticated event like a wedding, wear something that matches that vibe. Generally the colour you choose will say the most about you; a red tie will say… you’re a strong and determined person, yellow will show that you’re optimistic, orange says you’re brave, and pink says you’re comfortable and confident. Unless it’s a tacky 1990s tie with cartoons on it (which you won’t find here), there are no bad ties, so be confident in your decision, whether it’s a soft pastel patterned number or striking striped tie.