Striped Ties

Navy, Blue & Pink Chunky Thick Stripe Tie
Red & Gold Stripe House Tie
Navy Blue & Burgundy Stripe Tie
Racing Green & Navy Blue Fashion Stripe Tie
Navy Blue, Red & Grey Chunky Thick Stripe Tie
Green & Silver Stripe House Tie
Purple Fine Stripe Cotton Tie
Pink & White Diagonal Stripes Tie
Racing Green Thick Trendy Stripe Tie
Yellow & Navy Double Stripe Tie
Striped Fleur de Lis Burgundy Red Tie
Navy Blue & Silver Stripe House Tie
Burgundy & Navy Thick Stripe Tie
Raspberry Pink Thick Trendy Stripe Tie
Burgundy & Navy Double Stripe Tie
Navy Blue Thin Stripe Tie
Navy & Red Vintage Stripes Tie
Striped Fleur de Lis Green Tie
Dark Green & Navy Tie
Navy & Pink Regimental Stripe Tie
Doxford in Navy & Yellow Tie
Charcoal & Red Thick Woollen Tie
Blue & Pink Classic Stripe Navy Blue Tie
Blue & Burgundy Classic Stripe Navy Blue Tie
Striped ties come in a variety of styles, depending on the size and colour of the stripes you can create the statement you wish. Pinstripes can be more reserved while larger stripes are timeless. Whichever you choose, stripes never go out of fashion and striped ties are the perfect addition to an otherwise plain outfit.