Paisley Bow Ties

Aberglasney in Black Bow Tie
Aberglasney in Blue & Lemon Bow Tie
Aberglasney in Blue Bow Tie
Aberglasney in Burgundy Bow Tie
Aberglasney in Mustard Bow Tie
Arya in Forest Green Bow Tie
Arya in Maroon Bow Tie
Arya in Mulberry Bow Tie
Arya in Pink Rose Bow Tie
Arya in Plum Bow Tie
Arya in Prussian Blue Bow Tie
Arya in Regal Blue Bow Tie
Arya in Saffron Gold Bow Tie
Arya in Silver Lavender Bow Tie
Arya in Sunset Orange Bow Tie
Audley in Gold Bow Tie
Buckingham in Black Bow Tie
Buckingham in Gold Bow Tie
Burford in Teal Bow Tie
Burlington in Green Bow Tie
Burlington in Navy & Red Bow Tie
Carisbrooke in Dark Grey Bow Tie
Claremont in Monochrome Bow Tie
Das in Gold & Navy Bow Tie
Welcome to Paisley bow ties. Paisley pattern gets its name from Scotland, but the pattern itself is of Persian origin. This twisted teardrop print is classic, and adds colour and contrast to your outfit. With unique styles and colours you will be delighted to find the perfect and paisley which will go with your outfit and ensure to add some definition to your look.