Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs from Mrs Bow Tie


Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are the essential way to add detail to an ordinary suit and tie. Once simply a handkerchief, pocket squares are now their own accessory coming in a range of folds, colours and fabrics. At Mrs Bow Tie, we offer a wide variety of pocket square folds that not only look good but also are incredibly convenient. Why? Because we sew them in position onto a cardboard sleeve that you then just need to slip into your pocket. This simple addition should not be forgotten as it defines your attention to detail, with the likes of Prince Charles rarely seen without one. There are seasonal trends to the fabric of pocket squares; silk and satin is worn all year round, cotton and linen is more common during the summer months it is more common to wear a cotton or linen pocket square. In the autumn and winter months, thicker materials such as tweed and wool are favourable.

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