Purple Ties

Leaf Print Dusky Mauve Tie
Blossom Ditsy Floral Purple Wedding Tie
Dusty Purple Brushed Linen Tie
Pink & Purple Woodland Floral Tie
Lavender Love Birds Wedding Tie
Purple Wedding Fans Tie

Purple Wedding Fans Tie

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Violet Purple Plain Textured Cotton Tie
Purple Persian Geometric Tie
Floral Blue Lilac Tie
Plain Solid Silver Lavender Tie
Wisteria Purple Blossom Floral Tie
Hummingbirds Purple Tie
Dark Floral Pink Bouquet Print Indigo Tie
Floral Purple Flower Cotton Tie
Navy & Purple Boho Eucalyptus Tie
Saffron & Violet Liberty Cotton Tie
Cotton Purple Marl Tie
Teal Roses Mauve Purple Tie
Floral Dark Plum Tie
Plain Solid Mauve Pink Satin Tie
Space Galaxy Purple Nebula Tie
Purple Bellflowers Ditsy Floral Tie
Midnight Purple Solid Plain Satin Tie
Floral Watercolour Painted Flowers Tie
Purple Ties are ideal for adding an element of sophistication to your tie collection. Our range includes shades such as aubergine, lilac and mauve to suit your personal taste. Ideal for brightening up your attire, our purple ties are available here in both simple and patterned designs to create your desired look. Browse through our styles to find your favourite, whether it’s an intricately patterned violet tie or a classic, simple tie for everyday wear.