White & Cream Pocket Squares

Solid Plain White Satin Pocket Square
White Plain Textured Cotton Pocket Square
Ivory Paisley Print Pocket Square
Green & White Boho Eucalyptus Pocket Square
Marcella Formal White Pocket Square
Gentle Blue Floral White Pocket Square
Oyster Cream Faux Silk Pocket Square
Champagne Labels Pocket Square
Boho White Whimsical Hanging Flowers Pocket Square
Pink & Vintage White Ditsy Floral Pocket Square
Vintage White & Yellow Ditsy Floral Pocket Square
White & Black Ballroom Dancers Pocket Square
Black Edge White Cotton Handkerchief
Navy Blue Edge White Cotton Handkerchief
Black Spots White Pocket Square
Burgundy Edge White Cotton Handkerchief
Storm Rangers in White Pocket Square
Dark Green Rainforest Pocket Square
Stone White Safari Animals  Pocket Square
Boho White Whimsical Wedding Leaf Pocket Square
Light Pink Edge White Cotton Handkerchief
Champagne Vintage Floral Pocket Square
Plain Solid Champagne Pocket Square
White Dots Pattern Luna Liberty Cotton Pocket Square

Our white pocket squares are the perfect accessory for a sophisticated, distinguished appearance. Often reserved for special, formal occasions including weddings, white pocket squares are an ideal choice for when looking smart is key.

Our collection of shades such as champagne, ivory and pure white are understated but stylish and we offer both simple and ornate pocket squares to suit your taste. Choose from floral patterns, stripes or dots and look out for our range of matching handkerchiefs for the additional touch.