Paisley Ties

Pink & Navy Floral Paisley Tie
Green Lagos Laurel Liberty Cotton Tie
Dark Burgundy Red Paisley Satin Tie
Ivory Paisley Print Tie
Black & Pink Traditional Paisley Cotton Tie
Sage Green Vintage Paisley Tie
Blush Pink Vintage Paisley Tie
Boho Quirky Paisley Yellow Tie
Navy & Orange Tribal Paisley Tie
Gold Yellow Paisley Burgundy Red Tie
Yellow & White Paisley Print Tie
Orange Brown Retro Paisley Tie
Plum Purple Floral Paisley Tie
Navy & Orange Stylish Paisley Tie
Blue Paisley Tie
Gold Paisley Droplet Liberty Cotton Tie
Blue & Pink Paisley Tessa Liberty Cotton Tie
Multicolour Paisley Leibnitz Liberty Cotton Tie
Gold & Red Floral Paisley Navy Tie
Teal & Orange Paisley Tessa Liberty Cotton Tie
Red & Gold Paisley Print Tie
Coral Vintage Paisley Tie
Red & Gold Paisley Liberty Cotton Tie
Blue & White Paisley Leibnitz Liberty Tie
Looking for a paisley tie? Our collection of paisley ties have always been a popular range, with customers loving the wide range of paisley ties on offer. Whether you're looking for paisley weddings ties or colourful paisley ties, we have something for everyone. Our best-selling Hatfield Paisley Tie creates a stylishly dark touch to your outfit, while our Ellington Paisley Ties is a great paisley tie for weddings.