Doctor Who Replica Bow Ties

Dr Who Replica (50th Anniversary) Bow Tie
Dr Who Replica (Burgundy Weave) Bow Tie
Dr Who Replica (Impossible Astronaut) Bow Tie
Dr Who Replica (Nightmare in Silver) Bow Tie
Dr Who Replica (Time Lord) Bow Tie
Dr Who Replica Burgundy Red Bow Tie
Police Box in Navy Pocket Square
Police Box in Navy Tie
Police Box Navy Blue Bow Tie
Our replica Doctor Who bow ties have been worn for 11th Doctor cosplay worldwide, and have even been worn by fans meeting the Eleventh Doctor himself, Matt Smith. These Dr Who replica bow ties have been specially designed to recreate them as closely as possible to give cosplayers the ultimate look.

These bow ties also make brilliant Dr Who gift ideas for Doctor Who fans, so make sure to check the full range out.