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Blue Comic Book Superhero Tie
Blue Police Box Print Navy Tie
Dragon Sigil House Targaryen Tie
Green & Silver Stripe House Tie
Horses Sigil House Dothraki Tie
Lion Sigil House Lannister Tie
Navy Blue & Silver Stripe House Tie
Potter in Black Tie
Red & Gold Stripe House Tie
Robot Companions Tie
Sigil House Tyrell Tie
Squid Sigil House Greyjoy Tie
Stag Sigil House Baratheon Tie
Storm Rangers in White Tie
Sun Sigil House Martell Tie

Sun Sigil House Martell Tie

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Wolf Sigil House Stark Tie
Yellow & Navy Blue Tie
Zap Pow Bang Tie
Satisfy your inner-geek with these great TV and film ties including Harry Potter, Batman and Doctor Who! Our TV, film and comic themed ties are perfect for adding that final touch to your outfit for themed parties and work do’s, but also make a great gift idea for any film buff.