Floral Ties

Navy Blue Lily Floral Tie
Light Blue & White Floral Blue Tie
Anemone Floral Mulberry Tie
Light Blue Small Flower Mitsi Valeria Liberty Tie
Anemone Floral Navy Blue Tie
Anemone Floral Pink Tie
Pink Japanese Floral Tie
Colourful Busy Floral Tie
Dark Green Laurel Print Tie
Light Blue & Off White Ditsy Floral Tie
Boho White Whimsical Wedding Leaf Tie
Lilac & Off White Ditsy Floral Tie
Sage Green Floral Wedding Tie
Blood Orange Floral Rousseau Liberty Tie
Rainforest Green Jungle Leaf Tie
Floral Dark Plum Tie
Navy Blue & Pink Ditsy Floral Tie
Pink & Vintage White Ditsy Floral Floral Tie
Maroon Burgundy Floral Wedding Tie
Navy & White Polka Floral Tie
Boho White Whimsical Hanging Flowers Tie
Emerald Sea Teal Medallion Sea Tie
Soft Green Vintage Floral Tie
Mulberry Medallion Tie
For a more modern approach to wearing ties, our collection of floral ties offers a versatile pattern that lighten up any smart attire. Allowing you to experiment with different designs and colours, floral ties are great for summer but work just as well all year round. From bold to subtle styles, choose from our extensive range of floral ties that vary from intricate, detailed patterns to more understated choices. Our popular colours include blue, yellow and pink, adding some colour to your wardrobe.