Orange Ties

Almelo Floral Copper Tie
Satin in Copper Tie

Satin in Copper Tie

from $59.00
Aberdeen Copper Tie
Dickinson Dots Sunset Orange Tie
Dudley in Orange Tie
Arya in Sunset Orange Tie
Fincham in Sunset Orange Tie
Orange Tree Light Peach Tie
Andover Blue & Orange Tie
Pepper in Orange Tie

Pepper in Orange Tie

You save $11.00
Faux Silk Sunset Yellow Tie
House of Dothraki Tie
Tessa in Teal & Orange Tie
Rousseau in Blood Orange Tie
Cotton in Burnt Orange Tie
Daya Floral Autumn Orange Tie
Classic in Orange Tie
House of Martell Tie

House of Martell Tie

from $38.00
You save $32.00
Aberglasney Mustard Paisley Tie
Buxworth in Copper Tie
Ashington in Amber Tie
Casablanca in Copper Tie
Classic in Tangerine Tie
Rust Point Knitted Tie

Our collection of men’s orange ties is the perfect way to add some colour to any suit. Ideal for everyday work wear or even as part of a wedding colour theme, orange ties are available here in a range of shades from light to dark.

Choose burnt orange for an understated, classic appearance, or opt for lighter shades such as paprika for a striking look. Make a statement in our selection of men’s orange ties, and choose the right width and length size to fit you flawlessly.